Sunday, May 6, 2012

December 2011

I am finally posting December!!!  YEA!  
 I love putting up the Christmas Tree!  The girls were so into it this year!  They got to open their first present of Christmas!  There new pajamas and slippers, and then of course followed by Sunday night popcorn!

 The girls were excited to meet the Sugar Plum Fairy at the Cerner Christmas Party, especially because we went to the Nutcracker that same day!  It was our first time going to see it together!  I hope it will be a fun tradition for us through the years!

 We are also loving our tradition of decorating gingerbread houses together!

 Here is something to celebrate!  This is the first year the girls were happy about seeing Santa!  We are still working on Shelbie!  They do such a fun Crayola Christmas Land at the Crown Center!

These cutie girls made snowmen and reindeer doughnuts for their fun preschool friends for Christmas!

The girls love helping in the kitchen right now!  I am hoping they will stay this way!  Here we are decorating sugar cookies!  They especially love putting the sprinkles on!  How about a little cookie with your sprinkles?!

We had a great time going with the Hoeksel crew to see the Zoo Lights at Hogle Zoo!

 It was a COLD night!

A fun trip to see the lights at Temple Square!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

November 2011

To start off November we got together with some friends and (no kids!) and went to a KU Football game! It was great weather and we had such a fun time! (If there are any fellow Ute fans reading this, don't worry we have not converted to KU, we are still Ute fans at Heart!)

Happy Birthday to Jake!!
The girls were so excited to bring him breakfast in bed!

Here they are doing the "ssshhhh" sign, because we had just set up the birthday surprise for Jake to come check out! Thanks to my great friend Amanda, she helped me sew University of Utah Bean Bags to go with this Bean Bag Toss game Jake likes!

The girls helped me bake and decorate the cake!

How Fun! We now have two aspiring photographers in our house!


We had to do a pose showing off these adorable Turkey hair things our sweet friend Amanda made for the girls!
We had a fun Thanksgiving with the Brady's and the Knickerbocker's! We are so grateful to have fun friends out here! It makes me a lot less homesick when we have each other to celebrate with!
The Kid Table! We made them some fun Turkey Cups!

And here they are with their fun turkey blowers!

Now that Thanksgiving is over.............Samantha and Sadie are checking out the toy catalogs and making their Christmas Wish Lists!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Bird Feeders!

Since I am on a roll with posts, I thought I would put up these cute pictures I took of the girls today! They have been LOVING preschool so much! The other day, they got to make pinecones covered with peanut butter rolled in birdseed! BIRDFEEDERS! They have been ecstatic about these! So, of course we had to pose with them! Poor things, they kept talking all the way home from preschool about how we needed to come right home and hang them in a tree! Well....the shepherd hook will have to do since we sadly, do not have any trees!!! And since they were already posing we decided to do a few more!

They have always been cute to Shelbie, but it sure seems like in the last month or so, that they are so much sweeter to her! I think she is finally old enough that they can interact a bit better with her! I especially love the high pitch voice they use when talking to her! After listening to a few videos, I am sure they are getting that from me! I love how they are smiling down at her in this one!

Almost 20 Months Old!


Magnum P.I. and Punky Brewster!

Our "Good Witches" and The Cupcake!
When I was talking Sam and Sadie into being witches (because I had got their costumes on an awesome deal the year before) we had to assure them they could be "good witches", they were not a bit interested in being the "scary kind"!

This was quite the trick or treating experience, with Shelbie along! She was NOT happy about sitting in the stroller! She was happy as long as she was the one pushing!!! It made for an interesting and a little bit frustrating night! Thank goodness she is so stinkin cute!!

My best memory of her this night was when we passed a fun house that was playing the monster mash! She just busted out dancing! It was awesome! She would not stop!

Samantha and Sadie could not be bothered with wearing their hats! They kept blowing off as they would run door to door!

The Loot!! They were thrilled! We have enough candy to last us our whole life!!!

Pumpkin Carving Party!

Samantha and I starting our creation!
Sadie and Dad getting started!

Shelbie's cute pumpkin, that Jake carved in her honor!
Singing songs and doing scary sounds!

Trunk Or Treat!

Our Adorable Little Cupcake!